December 28, 2016

What’s the reading order for your books?

I get asked this a lot, especially since a lot of my books crossover. So I’ll do my best to list them and how they crossover so you know—and please keep in mind, it’s usually very minimal crossover. I miss my characters so they tend to pop up in other books, haha. It’s not like characters from one series play a HUGE part in another, but if you have read them then it’s like seeing an old friend.


Fallen Series




(series is complete, doesn’t crossover anywhere)


Outsider Series





(Series is complete. Caeden makes a brief appearance in Finding Olivia…I think. I think he’s playing guitar or something. Bryce also makes a few appearance in Saving Tatum)


Second Chances Series



(series is complete. No crossover.)


Trace + Olivia Series

Finding Olivia

Chasing Olivia

Tempting Rowan

Saving Tatum

(Series is complete. Alba from Finding Olivia/Chasing Olivia shows up in Beauty in the Ashes. Bryce from the Outsider series is in Saving Tatum. These characters crossover into Willow Creek series)


Willow Creek Series

Last To Know

Never Too Late

In Your Heart

Take A Chance

(Series is complete. These books crossover into the Trace + Olivia world. So if you want to read both series then read Trace + Olivia first.)


Us Series

The Road That Leads To Us

The Lies That Define Us

The Game That Breaks Us

(Series not complete. Can be read as standalones. About the kids from Trace + Olivia Series and Willow Creek series)


A Love Like Ours

(About characters from The Lies That Define Us. That book should be read first so you have a better understanding)


Beauty in the Ashes

(standalone. Alba from Finding Olivia/Chasing Olivia makes a brief appearance.)


Bring Me Back

(standalone. Cyrus from Beauty in the Ashes makes an appearance)



(Standalone. No crossover)


Light in the Dark Series

Rae of Sunshine

When Stars Collide

Dark Hearts (releasing soon)

Xander and Thea’s second book (title coming soon)

(Series not complete. No crossover.)

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One Comment:

  1. Maria said:

    I’m an ardent loyal fan of yours and wants to know how you’re doing?

    Any updates you can share? I’m retreading your book about Willa… The Other Side of Tomorrow, one of my favorite among your phenomenal books!

    I hope you are doing well despite this current crisis we have right now!


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