December 27, 2016

Dark Hearts Teaser Tuesday #2

Look at me remembering to do #TeaserTuesday here on the blog two weeks in a row! Whoop! Whoop! I cannot wait for this book to be in your hands. I’m honestly OBSESSED with it and feel it’s my best book. It’s rare for me to write and be like, “Ooh, damn girl, that was good!” But I kept doing it with this one. If you’re someone that loves to highlight as you read, you’re going to go nuts for this book. There were so many lines that I had to save because I loved them so much. I’ll talk more about Jace and Nova’s story as we get closer to release. One month to go!

^^Can we talk about that photo?! HOT! HOT! HOT! *fans self*

You can preorder now everywhere except Amazon. The Amazon link will be available on January 13th with the cover reveal–which is being revealed exclusively on the HEA USA Today blog, so watch for that!


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