February 16, 2014

Tempting Rowan Cover Reveal

It has come time to reveal the cover for Tempting Rowan and I’ve been dying the last few weeks to reveal this pretty!

Tempting Rowan_high

Tempting Rowan_wrap

I’m drowning in the numbness. It’s pulling me under and I can’t see the surface. It’s easier to pretend I can’t feel. And the longer you pretend, the easier it is to believe. But he wants to save me. Only he can’t. I have to save myself…and I don’t know if I want to.

Rowan Sinclair’s life has been anything but easy. With an alcoholic mother and a sleazy stepfather, it’s been her responsibility to raise her younger siblings. At twenty-one she’s chained to a life she doesn’t want, but sees no other alternative. After all, what would happen to her brother and sister if she were to leave?

Trenton Wentworth sees the pain behind Rowan’s eyes. He wants nothing more than to make it disappear. To hold her. To love her. Except Rowan keeps everyone at a safe distance. But if there’s anyone that can break down the walls she’s built around herself, it’s Trent. So she avoids him at all costs. But Trent isn’t one to be easily evaded. He’s stubborn and determined. He’ll save this girl even if it costs him everything.

Love, lies, and deception.

That’s the name of the game when you’re Tempting Rowan.

RELEASE DATE: Late April 2014

Add on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20181492-tempting-rowan

I love this cover sooooo much. I love the expressions on their faces (THE EMOTION!), it’s so Trent and Row. And I love the…softness of this cover…like they’re breakable. Hmmm. 😉 I might just be more in love with Trent and Row then I was with Trace and Olivia and that’s saying something. I love being in Rowan’s head and I can’t wait for you guys to read their story. And you don’t need to have read Finding and Chasing Olivia to read this book. Trace and Olivia (as well as Avery and Luca) make an appearance in this book. So, I know you’re all clapping and squeeing about that. 😉

EXCERPT (unedited and subject to change)

I bumbled towards the exit and in my haste one of my books slid from my arms and landed on the floor. I was tempted to leave it, glaring at the treacherous book, but a tan arm was already snaking out and picking it up. The person placed it back on the stack in my arms and I swallowed thickly, refusing to look up. But I felt his stare and I knew it was Trent standing before me. Slowly, I looked up and my hazel eyes connected with his. Looking at him was like taking a punch to the gut—leaving me breathless with a pain I couldn’t understand.

“Row,” he beamed, and the way he said my name made me squirm…and not in bad way. But oh how I wished I didn’t enjoy hearing my name leave his kissable lips.

I tucked a piece of light brown hair behind my ear. “Trenton,” I stared at his shoes. They were black motorcycle boots with heavy silver buckles. I wondered if they were real motorcycle boots or just designer ones.

“My face is up here,” he said in that deep husky voice with a slight chuckle.

I forced my head up and met his eyes. His dark hair was longer on top and shorter on the sides. His chin was dotted in a light dusting of stubble like he’d forgotten to shave this morning. Beneath his leather jacket he wore a navy t-shirt and his jeans looked well worn, even though I knew he could afford new ones.

“What are you doing here?” I stuttered, looking around for a means of escape. I needed to get away from him before I did something stupid…like give into the temptation of Trenton.

Brilliant question, Rowan. I scolded myself when I realized what I’d asked him. Sometimes, words just seemed to fly from my mouth without me thinking through what I was about to say. I really needed to work on that.

He chuckled, licking his lips. “It’s a library. There’s usually only one reason to be here.”

“Usually?” I questioned with a raised brow. What other reason would one have for coming to the library?

His smile widened. “Well,” he leaned towards me, his lips grazing the shell of my ear, “if you’re really quiet you can always have sex.” He pulled back, laughing at my wide-eyed expression. “I always did have a naughty librarian fantasy.” He looked me up and down and a blush stained my cheeks in what I was sure was an unflattering shade of red.

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And Stephanie’s Book Reports will have the WHOLE first chapter so check her blog for that. 😀

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