February 16, 2017


First came marriage…

Then came love…

Now comes baby in a baby carriage.

So, at least we did one thing in order, right?


It’s been three years since Xander and Thea’s impromptu Vegas wedding. Since then, they’ve dealt with family drama, his grueling NFL schedule, and her college classes. Now that Thea’s graduated from college, it’s finally time for them to move out and start their life together.

Things couldn’t be any more perfect.

And then a curveball is thrown their way.

Midnight feedings and a screaming infant wasn’t a part of Thea’s five-year plan, but, suddenly, it’s very much her soon-to-be reality. Xander is thrilled at the prospect of parenthood while Thea can’t wrap her head around it.

But, ready or not, here comes baby.



Can we talk about how cute this cover is?! I mean, REALLY?! There’s a baby on my cover! Ahhhh! Look how adorable! That little yawn, come onnnnn. As always, Hannah and Anthony killed it, and baby Zara rounds out the show. *claps* Thank you to an AMAZING team for creating this awesomeness and a special thanks to Tessa (Hannah’s sister) for letting us borrow her baby, haha. 


Let’s get down to what you really want to know…when is it releasing…well this is about to get really confusing, lol!

Amazon release: March 31st

IF you read on iBooks, Kobo, or Nook–you’re getting it early! Before you rejoice too much, you have a limited amount of time to get it. You can preorder now and it releases the 27th. I’m pulling it on the 28th so I can release straight into Kindle Unlimited on the 31st. NOW, if it comes down quickly from the other retailers there’s a chance I’ll release early! SO STALK ME! The best place to stalk me is the Micalea’s Minions facebook group. I usually always post there first. 😉

iBooks: hyperurl.co/x2debz
Kobo: hyperurl.co/y9k0db


How pretty is the purple?! I can’t wait to see it next to When Stars Collide.



Our waiter comes by and we both order a glass of water and Xander also requests a bottle of wine.

“Planning to get me drunk Mr. Kincaid?” I ask, waggling my brows.

He laughs, crossing his fingers together and leaning across the table to me. “What do you think is going to happen if I do get you drunk Mrs. Kincaid?”

“Well,” I blink innocently, “I seem to have an affinity for removing my clothes when I’m inebriated.”

He cracks a grin. “You also ask me to marry you.”

“Only the once,” I defend.

His smile widens further. “Oh, you would’ve done it again if I hadn’t said yes the first time.”

“You seem pretty sure of yourself there,” I comment.

He shakes his head. “No, sure of you.”

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