January 31, 2014

Signed Copy of Losing Hope for Bidding

This book was a part of the bidding for Books for Will but the winning bidder can no longer pay the bid and everyone was too scared to bid against them, lol. So I will leave this open until midnight eastern time  the 2nd of February (this Sunday) Like before, leave your bid amount in the comments along with your email address. 🙂

This is for a signed Hardback of Losing Hope also signed by cover model and musician Griffin Peterson.

I’ve organized an event to help raise money for Will Sanders. For those of you that haven’t heard me talk about him, he’s a boy in my town dying of an incurable disease so rare it has been named after him. This is open International but if you’re from another country PLEASE make a bid in U.S. dollars. All you have to do to make a bid is comment below with your bidding amount and your EMAIL. So if you win, I can contact you easily. Whatever your winning bid price is, MUST be paid to Will’s Go Fund Me before the book is yours. If it’s NOT paid with in 48 hours after bidding closes, the book will go to the next highest bidder that does pay. You will need to send me a screenshot of your receipt or forward it to me for proof that you made the donation.

You can read more about Will here: http://www.nvdaily.com/news/2013/11/sherando-student-ready-to-embrace-life.php

This is the link where donations will be made: http://www.gofundme.com/4uq61w17340050

In the follow-up to Colleen Hoover’s #1 New York Times bestsellerHopeless, the charming and irresistible Dean Holder tells the passionate story that has melted thousands of hearts.

In Hopeless, Sky left no secret unearthed, no feeling unshared, and no memory forgotten, but Holder’s past remained a mystery.

Still haunted by the little girl he let walk away, Holder has spent his entire life searching for her in an attempt to finally rid himself of the crushing guilt he has felt for years. But he could not have anticipated that the moment they reconnect, even greater remorse would overwhelm him…

Sometimes in life, if we wish to move forward, we must first dig deep into our past and make amends. In Losing Hope, bestselling author Colleen Hoover reveals what was going on inside Holder’s head during all those hopeless moments—and whether he can gain the peace he desperately needs.

Image of Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is the author of five New York Times bestselling novels. Her first series was published in 2012 and includes SLAMMED, POINT OF RETREAT and the companion novel THIS GIRL. Her second series, published in 2013, includes the #1 NYT’s bestseller HOPELESS and the companion novel, LOSING HOPE. She has released a free novella, FINDING CINDERELLA, as a thank you to her readers for their continued support. The novella is a companion to her Hopeless series, but can be read as a standalone.

You can follow Colleen on Instagram @colleenhoover if you want to watch her pointless, random videos. You can also follow her on TWITTER, but she rarely tweets anything worth following. You can also find her on her blog at http://www.colleenhoover.com or on her very active Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/authorcolleenhoover where she loves to give away free stuff when her husband isn’t looking.

Minimum bid starting at $50.

Colleen has also offered to PERSONALIZE this book to the winning bidder if they’d like.

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