January 3, 2017

Dark Hearts Teaser Tuesday #3

*claps hands* You guys! I managed to remember Teaser Tuesday 3 whole weeks in a row! *pats self on back* It feels so good to be back and blogging. I have some things I want to talk about this week and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all. <3 Some other quick…

December 30, 2016


Many of you know that I absolutely LOVED writing When Stars Collide. I fell in love with Xander and Thea and wanted to know more of their story. Luckily, they weren’t done with me yet either, and coming in spring 2017 they’re getting a second book! Below is the title announcement. 🙂 First came marriage……

December 28, 2016

What’s the reading order for your books?

I get asked this a lot, especially since a lot of my books crossover. So I’ll do my best to list them and how they crossover so you know—and please keep in mind, it’s usually very minimal crossover. I miss my characters so they tend to pop up in other books, haha. It’s not like…

December 27, 2016

Dark Hearts Teaser Tuesday #2

Look at me remembering to do #TeaserTuesday here on the blog two weeks in a row! Whoop! Whoop! I cannot wait for this book to be in your hands. I’m honestly OBSESSED with it and feel it’s my best book. It’s rare for me to write and be like, “Ooh, damn girl, that was good!”…


Micalea SmeltzerHi. I’m Micalea. Ma-call-e-uh. Weird name, I know. My mom must’ve known I was going to be odd even in the womb. I’ve written a lot of books. Like a lot. Don’t ask me how many, I don’t remember at this point.

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