February 4, 2017

The Series That Almost Never Was

With Dark Hearts having just released I can’t help but be blown away by the love this series is receiving and I find myself thinking about how this series almost didn’t happen. In fact, I almost didn’t release Rae of Sunshine. Authors rarely talk about the drama and stress that goes on behind the scenes,…

February 2, 2017


Heeeey guys! I hope you’re reading and enjoying Jace and Nova’s story. 😀 I have a signing coming up April 8th and if you’re going to be attending I cannot stress how important it is to preorder. I will ONLY have my Light in the Dark series with me (Rae of Sunshine, When Stars Collide,…

January 24, 2017

Dark Hearts is LIIIIIVE!

*spins* *twirls* It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Jace and Nova are hitting e-readers everywhere. I’ve learned that not everything is what it seems. If you start to look too close, you uncover things people don’t want you to see. It’s why I hide. It’s why no one knows the real me. But…

January 23, 2017

Light in the Dark Character Interview

We’re hanging out with the Light in the Dark gang today! Aka Cade, Rae, Xander, Thea, Jace, and Nova. They’re answering some fun questions and hanging out with us today. Jace and Nova’s book—Dark Hearts—is releasing January 24th. Me: Thank you so much for sitting down with me today guys. Cade: Thanks for having us….


Micalea SmeltzerHi. I’m Micalea. Ma-call-e-uh. Weird name, I know. My mom must’ve known I was going to be odd even in the womb. I’ve written a lot of books. Like a lot. Don’t ask me how many, I don’t remember at this point.

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