June 27, 2016

NEW RELEASE: The Game That Breaks Us


Hockey’s bad boy needs to clean up his reputation…

Bennett James has built his career at being the best, on and off the ice, and now it’s come back to bite him. The media has turned against him, and with a near career-ending injury, he needs to clean up his act and prove that he’s serious about the game. For Bennett, working with his old coach at his alma mater feels like a step back, but it might be just what he needs.

…and she’s going to help him do it.

Grace Wentworth has always been the good girl, and she’s tired of that stigma. She wants to prove that she can get down and dirty with the best of them. The problem? She doesn’t know how.

Bennett will teach the good girl how to be bad, if she pretends to be his goody two-shoes girlfriend in front of the media.

But what happens when the game becomes real?


Amazon: hyperurl.co/qg2qda

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  1. jomartnienayahoocom said:

    I recently read The Games That Breaks Us and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to read more books written by you. Today I finished reading Bring Me Back. I loved it, I cried, I laughed. Some parts of the story really hit home for me. My sister was 4 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with cancer. She was stage four and the doctors didn’t give her much hope, so she chose to stay pregnant and passed away when my niece was 6 weeks old. Time has passed and her family is thriving. These things do happen in real life. We pick up the pieces and move on. Thank you!


  2. micaleasmeltzer Post author said:

    I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I’m sorry about your sister. 🙁 But like you said these thing really do happen and I hope I portrayed the feelings as accurately as possible. <3


    1. jomartnienayahoocom said:

      You did an excellent job of portraying real life. Thanks again! I am now reading ‘The Lives that define us’ and loving it.


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