August 27, 2013

Finding Olivia Final Teaser

I can’t believe it, but Finding Olivia will be releasing in 2 days! Only 2!

So, here’s the final teaser before the release! Enjoy!

Finding Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer hires

“Tracey, you better hurry up and explain what that sorry is about,” Avery tapped her foot against the floor, giving him the evil eye.

He licked his lips and looked from Avery to me.

“Can we talk in private?” He pleaded with me.

“No,” Avery answered him, but his eyes never wavered from mine.

“Avery,” I pleaded.

“Fine!” She threw her hands in the air. “But I will be right outside that door,” she told me. “And if you,” she thrust a finger roughly into Trace’s chest, “try anything, I will come in here and forcibly remove your balls from your body, and stuff them down your throat,” she seethed, storming outside, and slamming the door closed.

“Whoa,” Trace looked from the closed door to me. “I take it you told her?”

I crossed my arms protectively over my chest and nodded.

He rubbed his jaw, nodding.

“I really am sorry,” he whispered.

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