December 23, 2013

Books for Will-Query Letter Review by Stacey Donaghy

I’m so excited to be adding this to the auction, because this is something that can greatly benefit an author looking to publish traditionally.

Stacey has offered to review your query letter to help it be ready to send out to agents. Stacey is one of the top New Adult literary agents as ranked by Publisher’s Marketplace. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

As with all the books up for bidding, the winning bidder will be expected to make that donation to Will’s go fund me which you can find here…

Bidding ends January 30th and the winning bidders will be contacted shortly after that. The donation must be made before the winning item is yours. If it’s NOT paid with in 48 hours after bidding closes (after I’ve contacted you), the book will go to the next highest bidder that does pay. You will need to send me a screenshot of your receipt or forward it to me for proof that you made the donation.

Make all bids in U.S. dollars and include your email so I can contact you easily if you win.

For more information on Will, go here:



Minimum bid…$20.

(there are two query letter reviews up for bidding, so be careful of which one you comment on)

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