November 6, 2018

Wild Collision Teaser Tuesday #1

*slides into room* It’s #TEASERTUESDAY! You know what that means …. I finally get to start publicly teasing my next release Wild Collision. If you’re in my facebook group Micalea’s Minions then you’ve already had a few bites of it. 😉 If you’re not in that group you can join here.

He was a beautiful nightmare.

Mia Hayes is comfortable with her life as it is.
Boring is good.
Boring is normal.
Boring is safe.
But the thing with boring is it makes temptation all the sweeter.

She was a sweet dream.

Hollis Wilder goes a hundred miles an hour after everything he wants.
Fast is fun.
Fast is crazy.
Fast is dangerous.
But the thing with fast is it keeps you from thinking before you act.

Together they were the notes in their favorite song.

When Mia and Hollis collide—literally—music’s new bad boy can’t help but notice the beautiful red-haired woman with soft curves. She calls to him like a siren, and since the word no isn’t in his vocabulary he’s determined to get what he wants.

The problem is, one night won’t be enough, and the fact that Mia is his mentor’s daughter complicates things royally.

Mia’s the one girl that’s off limits, but she might be the only one he wants for real.

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