November 14, 2018

Wild Collision Excerpt


I don’t know how long we’re in the alley kissing, but finally he releases me. We’re both breathless. My lips feel swollen and bruised. I don’t mind one bit.

“Do you have to go home yet?” he asks, his voice low and husky. His eyes fall to my lips and he rubs his thumb against them. They’re tender, but I don’t mind his touch.

I shake my head.

He cracks a small smile. “Come to the hotel with me.”

“But the guys…” I hesitate.

“They already know about you. The nosy bastards figured it out without me saying a word.” I can tell he’s irritated by this fact, but they’re also his best friends so he can laugh about it.

“I don’t know…”

“We can watch a movie or something. Nothing more,” he explains, seeing where my mind is going. “We can order a pizza too—or whatever you want from room service.”

I think a moment longer before nodding. I’m not ready to go home yet. Spending more time with Hollis sounds nice. As much as I love kissing him, I enjoy hanging out with him even more, which shocks me. I never expected to like him. From the moment he walked out of my bathroom in nothing but a towel I’d made up my mind to hate him.

But hating Hollis is impossible.

We walk back to the hotel, too worried to hold hands, but close enough our fingers graze often. Some people, mostly college girls, eye him up and down. He’s hot, so it’s expected, but word has also gotten around about the new band in town recording their album. While most people in this town are over it and don’t care, The Wild is like a new shiny toy to be played with and admired.

I don’t know how famous people do it—enjoy being gawked at like a specimen under a microscope. Heck, even I’ve been gawked at and had paparazzi follow me even though I’m literally the most boring person on the planet. I don’t understand the obsession people have with celebrities, wanting to know every single detail about their lives, where they go, who their friends are, what they eat—give them a break and room to breathe. I saw a pap follow my dad into a public restroom once—he stormed out a second later and gave management a mouthful.

Hollis and I reach the hotel and ride up in the elevator together careful to stand apart and not say a word.

When he opens the door to their suite my mouth falls open.

“Whoa, this place is cool.”

Fox’s head whips over in our direction from the couch when he hears my voice.

“Yo, Mia, what are you doing here?”

“Hollis invited me for pizza and a movie.”

“Sweet—as long as it’s not a chick flick.”

I fake a yawn. “Pass.”

“Can I keep you?” Fox jokes making a kissy face at me.

Rush strides out of a room then in only a towel. As he passes Fox he whips it off and smacks him with it.

Hollis slaps his hands over my eyes, but it’s too late, I already got an eyeful.

“Pretty sure she’s already taken dude.”

“Rush,” Hollis hisses, “cover up, man.”

“What? Afraid she’ll see what I’m packing and come running?”

“It was impressive,” I admit with a laugh.

Hollis growls and mutters, “Don’t make me remind you what’s really impressive.”

I give him a sly smile as he lowers his hands. “I don’t know, sounds enjoyable.”

His eyes darken with desire.

“Not here,” Cannon warns coming into the room.

“Yeah, down boy,” I tell Hollis. “I’m here for pizza and a movie. If you don’t feed me I might bite.”

He lowers his head and whispers in my ear, “I wouldn’t mind.”

I can’t help but smile. Patting him on the chest, I say, “Now go order my pizza, peasant.”

All three of the other guys bust out laughing. “Peasant? More like he’s your bitch,” Fox chortles.

Hollis shakes his head, but his lips quirk in amusement. “What kind of pizza do you want?”


“A pepperoni pizza for milady coming right up,” he says bowing theatrically before slipping away.

I sit down on the couch beside Fox and swipe the remote from him.

“No chick flicks,” Rush warns coming out of his room to join us. At least he’s wearing pants now.

“What is it with you guys and chick flicks?” I mutter. “Afraid a little kissing and romance will make your dick shrivel up and die?”

“They’re boring,” Rush defends.

“Mhmm,” I hum. “Keep telling yourself that.”

“Don’t listen to him,” Cannon speaks up. “He’s bitching because he cried at Titanic.”

“It was one tear,” Rush defends in mock anger. “And Jack shouldn’t have died. He was the best character in the whole damn movie.”

Cannon smirks at him as Rush sits on my other side.

I log into my Netflix account. “We’re going to watch my favorite movie of all time,” I warn them.

“If Reese Witherspoon is in it giving legal advice I’m out,” Rush warns, raising his hands.

I snort. “Nope.”

I click the movie and the guys all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Pussies.

“Jurassic Park is your favorite movie?” Fox asks, sounding surprised.

“Dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum … um yeah, it’s my favorite movie.”

“You have a crush on Jeff Goldblum?” Rush asks with amusement.

“Duh, have you seen him? Or listened to him speak? He could read me the dictionary and I’d happily sit there and listen.”

Rush chuckles. “How does Hollis feel about that?”

“How do I feel about what?” Hollis asks, stepping back into the room. He gets a disgruntled look when he sees Fox and Rush beside me, but then shakes his head as a determined smile takes over his face.

He strides over to me and I squeal as he picks me up and sits down with me in his lap.

“Mia, here, has a crush on Jeff Goldblum,” Fox explains.

“Really?” he asks, eyeing me with surprise.

“Why is this shocking?”

“I don’t know,” Hollis admits. “I guess it’s unexpected is all.”

“Can we watch the movie now?” I ask.

“Wait, we need popcorn,” Cannon says in his gruff voice, hopping up.

I don’t know why but I’m still always surprised when he opens his mouth. He’s broody and quiet all the time. When he shows any bit of enthusiasm for something it takes me by surprise.

As the movie begins Cannon pops popcorn in the suite’s kitchen making the room smell like buttery goodness and causing my mouth to water.

“I can’t believe you guys have popcorn here,” I mutter to Hollis.

He chuckles, the sound rumbling against my back as he holds me tight. “Only because Cannon is a mother hen and went to the grocery store the day after we got here to make sure we had everything we needed.”

“Better to be a mother hen than to starve,” Cannon defends from the kitchen.

“Shh, I want to watch the movie.”

Hollis pinches my side and whispers in my ear, “You started it.”

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