September 29, 2018

What’s Coming Next

I know I’ve been MIA for practically two years now. With my health issues keeping up with things hasn’t been easy, which was hard for me since I pride myself on being on top of things. Writing had to take a back burner, practically everything did, but not being able to write like usual was perhaps the hardest. I need to write like I need to breathe. It’s a vital part of me. Not having my happy place to go to while going through such hard trials sucked majorly. But I got a transplant last month (six weeks ago to be exact!) thanks to my lovely, wonderful, beautiful, amazing, one of a kind aunt who donated her kidney to me–a perfect match at that! Since surgery things have been crazy still–adjusting to the meds, constant blood work and doctor’s appts, etc. But that’s not what this post is about. (I do plan to write something more in depth on transplant later on)

My next release is going to be Temptation. A rewrite of one of my early novels Hush. The cover reveal is coming sooooooon! And yes this is a REWRITE not just a new cover. I’m so excited about the new breath that this book has. Cover reveal is October 9th and the release is the 19th so mark your calendars and get ready!


Here’s a teaser


After Temptation a brand new novel Wild Collision is coming. This is the first book in my new rock star series. The Hero ….. guys you are going to LOVE him. And the heroine? It’s Mia–Hayes and Arden’s daughter from Take A Chance so you’ll get to see plenty of old and new faces! I’m already so in love with this book. I didn’t intend to start it so soon after transplant but I couldn’t help myself and it’s been pouring out of me. I’m absolutely giddy for you guys to read it and it’s not even done yet, lol.

I also released Covet earlier this month if you missed it! It’s the sequel to Enchant.

After Wild Collision I’m not sure what’s next but I’m thinking Possess the final book in The Enchanted series. I just wish I could get more people reading The Enchanted series. I’ll be honest it hasn’t done as well as I hoped and it makes me sad, because I love it so freaking much. Fantasy/paranormal is my first love and I’m dying to do more in the future but it feels like no one is reading the genre right now–so let me know what you think. Are people just not interested or prefer for all the books to be out before starting? (I’m starting to think I’m the only freak who loves cliff hangers, lol. I love the breathless anticipation of waiting for the next release)

That’s all I have for now but stay tuned for the cover reveal of Temptation. Emily Wittig designs knocked it out of the park.

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  1. Jennifer M said:

    I just recently discovered your books and I am obsessed. I live for the crossovers and would lovvvvve more in the Us seris. I’m excited to read about Arden & Hayes daughter. (And maybe a prelude to how Hayes became apart of WC)
    On another note, sorry to hear you’ve been ill and glad you’re on the mend.
    (Although I am selfishly thankful that I just recently discovered you and did not have to suffer 2 years without your books)
    Have a great day!


    1. micaleasmeltzer Post author said:

      Wild Collision is technically book 4 in the Us series but since it’s spawning a whole new series I’m trying to talk about it separately, lol. But I plan on doing more in this series for a while. So I figure we’ll be seeing books for the kids for years to come.


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