June 25, 2013

Teaser Tuesday-Undeniable

Karlie’s POV


Holden laid flat on his back and stared up at the ceiling. “This is the worst idea I’ve ever had. You’re going to kill me before this is over.”

“Come on, get up,” I reached down for his hand. “It won’t be that bad. I’ll take it easy on you. I just wish you had some tights.”

“Don’t even think about it,” he narrowed his eyes warningly.

“You have nothing to worry about,” I reassured him, moving into position. “Are you ready?”

“For what?”

“To learn how to dance,” I laughed.

“Aren’t we supposed to be, I don’t know, touching or something?” He asked.

“In time,” I smiled. “If you’re a good boy, we’ll get to that part.”

“You know, when I thought of asking you to teach me how to dance, it was a lot sexier in my head,” he smirked.

“I’m sure it was that’s why we’re taking baby steps. Let’s start with a plié,” I said, lining my arms and legs into position.

Holden mimicked my position and asked, “Now what?”

“Draw your arm out like this,” I showed him, “heels together, and bend your legs.”

He bent down and muttered, “I can just feel the masculinity draining out of my body.”

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  1. Heather Durfee said:

    LOVE IT!!! Can not wait for it to come out! HUUURRRYY PLEASE! It sounds sooo good!


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