August 6, 2013

Teaser Tuesday-Finding Olivia

I thought I would do a funny teaser this week! No release date yet, but I’m aiming for the end of August. 😀


“This is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had,” I informed him with a smile. “I don’t normally like it, but this is really yummy.”

He gasped. “First ketchup and now hot chocolate! I don’t think I can date you anymore.”

“First off, I said this was good,” I pointed to the mug in my right hand, “and secondly, ketchup is disgusting.”

“Don’t say that. Ketchup is delicious,” he grinned over the rim of his mug.

I pretended to gag. “It’s so nasty.”

“How can you be American and not like ketchup? It doesn’t add up,” he shook his head.

I took a sip of the steaming liquid. “I just don’t. Do you like everything you eat?”

“No, but it’s ketchup! It’s impossible not to love,” he exclaimed dramatically.

“You do realize that we’re two adults, sitting here, arguing about ketchup,” I eyed him.

“But it’s ketchup!” He repeated. “It deserves to be argued for its tomatoey goodness!”

“Tomatoey isn’t even a word,” I laughed.

“Well, it should be,” he huffed, shaking his head back and forth. “Especially when used in the defense of ketchup.”

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