Wild Collision

She was the thing I didn’t see coming.

Hollis Wilder, front man for the up and coming band The Wild, is used to living life on the edge. When his group strikes the deal of a lifetime with the one and only Joshua Hayes, member of the world famous Willow Creek, it feels like everything is finally coming together for him and his friends. But Hayes is strict, and Hollis doesn’t like rules—especially the number one rule.

Stay away from Hayes’s daughter.

He was the wrong guy for me.

Mia Hayes wants one thing and one thing only—to graduate from college and work in the music business she’s grown up in. She doesn’t have time for complications, especially when she meets Hollis. She tries to keep him at arm’s length, but for Hollis he’s finally found a connection he never knew he was searching for.

He’ll have to prove to Mia that he’s the real deal.

All she has to do is take a chance on him.