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Seventeen year old Kylie Lyons’ life has fallen apart. Her parents’ divorce results in Kylie being uprooted from her sunny California home and now she has to move to Rome, Italy with her catatonic mother. Little does she know what awaits her there in the form of god-like Jonathon Pulmer. She knows immediately that he’s different, special, but she has no idea how special. Not until the word “vampire” is uttered from his lips. And not only is Jonathon a centuries old vampire, he possesses supernatural powers, like all vampires, and Kylie… Kylie is his soul mate. But life is never easy, especially in the world of the undead, and when a rogue vampire returns from Jonathon’s past she’s bent on extracting revenge in the form of Kylie’s death and anyone that gets in her way can die too. Kylie is about to learn that not even your soul mate can protect you from everything.