August 17, 2013

Meet Trent-Finding Olivia Teaser


“And that fucktard—”

“TRACE!” Lily and Ellie screamed while Warren chuckled.

“—is my brother, Trenton,” Trace grinned.

“But everyone calls me Trent,” the guy spoke up. He looked a lot like his brother, with dark hair and expressive eyes, but while Trace’s were green, Trent’s were a bright blue like his mom’s. A black baseball cap sat atop his head and he had black gauges in his ears. His grin was infectious, with small dimples indenting each cheek, and I was sure that the girls at his school dropped at his feet. Trace had the whole hot bad boy thing going for him but Trent had it even more. The sleeves of his blue sweatshirt were rolled up to his elbows and at the edge of the fabric, I saw the start of a tattoo that I was sure went up the rest of his arm.

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