August 16, 2013

Finding Olivia Cover Reveal + Giveaway + 1st chapter

Today, is the day that I finally get to show you guys the cover to FO. You’d think I had been waiting months to do so, instead of since Monday, lol!

Anyway, here it is!

Finding Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer hires

Finding Olivia by Micalea Smeltzer

RELEASE DATE: August 29th! Finding Olivia will be on sale for .99 cents release day ONLY!

Cover Design and Photography by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

New Adult Contemporary Romance intended for readers 18+.

How far would you go to find yourself?

That’s the question that’s been haunting Olivia Owens for years.

All Olivia has ever wanted to do is live and make mistakes, but her preacher father has made that impossible. She believes that her years at college will be her ticket into the real world and her chance to be wild and spontaneous.

But she’s never been able to do it on her own.

At the start of her sophomore year, she only has four things crossed off her Live List, but that’s all about to change thanks to a chance encounter with Trace Wentworth. She’s about to learn that there’s more to this reformed bad boy than just his looks and panty dropping smile.

Trace can’t explain what it is that draws him to Olivia.

All he knows is that he wants to get to know the girl with the sad smile but sparkle in her eyes.

When she tells him about her list, he knows that this is his chance to get to know Olivia Owens. Trace is determined to show Olivia that she can do all the things she’s ever wanted to do. So, he begins to help her cross things off her list, even the more outlandish requests.

What happens along the way is more than what Olivia or Trace ever expected.

Love, laughs, and a list.

That’s the name of the game when you’re Finding Olivia.

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You can read the prologue and first chapter here:

I’m absolutely in love with this cover, it’s fun and flirty, and brings the book to life. I can’t help smiling when I look at it, it makes me happy! 😀


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  1. Jennifer said:

    Love the cover as well as the prologue and first chapter! Can’t wait for the 29th ?


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